Portfolio of CurtByDesign. Interactive User Interface (UI) Designer, User Experience (UX), Flash and Strategy.


I am fulltime freelance new media designer with advanced skills in user interface design, user experience, application design, flash and video.


My work process is deeply rooted in challenging design to better communicate a product, service or platform's value proposition. Often, I can find new approaches to re-energize existing creative and strategies.

I live and breath the Adobe CS4 Masters Collection.


  • 2010 Neato Robotics website entered for Webby
  • 2009 Curtis Hall's interface design work showcased on Coroflot Gallery Coroflot Gallery
  • 2006 Create Awards: SellPoint.net wins Gold Award 2006
  • 2005 Addy Award: Fogworks.com
  • 2002 Webby Award: Creative team, salesforce.com

Member of the Freelance Designers Graphic Design Directory

Featured in the National Website Design Directory

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Interactive website design and flashwork.