1. General Information
What is Neato Robotic's RPS (Room Positioning System) TechnologyTM?
Neato's Room Positioning System is the first laser distance sensor suitable for consumer products. RPS technology gives the robot a full 360-degree view of a room so it can create a map of the room, detecting walls, doorways, furniture and other obstacles up to four meters away. With the RPS system, the Neato XV-11 carefully avoids most obstacles that other robots can only detect by impact. In some cases, if it doesn't see an object, it will lightly bump into it.
What is "intelligent cleaning"?
The Neato XV-11 maps its surroundings in a room and determines the doorways when first analyzing a room. It determines the best path to take and starts cleaning the perimeter of the area and then uses a methodical back and forth straight-line pattern to complete the interior. It follows this method, cleaning your house segment by segment.
What are the benefits of the methodical straight-line cleaning of the Neato XV-11 versus the random bounce-around cleaning of other robots?
By using a methodical straight line path to clean, Neato ensures there will be complete floor coverage in a timely manner. Since it can cover the floor in one pass, the Neato vacuum cleaning robot can use more of its energy with stronger suction power for its vacuum as compared to other bounce-around robots.
Where can I buy the product?
The Neato XV-11 is available for purchase on the Neato Web site at www.neatorobotics.com/buy. The Neato XV-11 can also be purchased at other retailers including Amazon.com, RobotShop, Onecall, Hammacher Schlemmer, and others. Please check the list of resellers at www.neatorobotics.com/retailers.html.
What type of surfaces does Neato work on?
Neato works on all types of floor surfaces including carpet, hardwood, Pergo®, linoleum, vinyl, and tile.
How loud is the Neato XV-11?
The XV-11's sound is a little less than that of an upright vacuum.
Will it scare my pets?
Feedback from some of our early adopters have shown that animals are interested in the vacuum robot initially but it doesn't seem to bother them.
How big is the dirt bin?
The dirt bin is one of the largest in a vacuum robot - 660cc. Initially you may need to empty it after every cleaning. Once you've cleaned your floors on an ongoing basis, you may not need to empty every time. However, we do recommend that you empty it frequently to get the best performance from your vacuum robot.
What type of debris does the cleaning robot pick up?
The Neato XV-11 picks up normal household debris: dirt, pet hair, cereal, dust, etc.
What is the product warranty?
There is a 30-day, money back guarantee and a one year limited warranty.
2. Getting Started
How do I set up my Neato?
First we recommend that you plug in your charging base and place your vacuum on the charging base to do its initial charge. Aside from that, there is no complex set up. Once the status light turns solid green on the vacuum, just press the START button and your Neato XV-11 will begin mapping and analyzing the room and start cleaning. For optimal performance, please check the Tips and Tricks section of the FAQs.
Optimizing your house before using your Neato XV-11 for the first time
Customers often mention that when they buy a cleaning robot, they do a little "optimizing" of their home so that the cleaning robot can do a great job cleaning their home. Some items include:
  • Tidy up your rooms before cleaning. Some customers mention putting away cat toys, socks, loose cords, turning area rug tassles under their rugs, etc. Some customers even go so far as to put a box under the middle of their bed or piece of furniture if it sags in the middle so that the robot won't get stuck.
  • If you find that the robot does not fit behind a piece of furniture or plant that you would like it to vacuum, sometimes it is easy to move items a few inches so that you get the cleaning job done the way you like.
Where should I locate my charging base so that the robot will find its charging base consistently?
The charging base should be placed up against a wall near a power plug receptacle. The base needs to be located at least 3 feet away from a corner in a room and it must have approximately 3 feet of open space in front of it for the docking maneuver to work. The charging base should not be hidden behind furniture or in a hard to access closed off area. You will get the most success by locating it in a room where the robot has a good view of the charging base from various points in the room. Also, please do not locate the charging base in an area with a high level of direct sunlight.
3. Tips and Tricks
How to get best cleaning results
  1. Empty the Dirt Bin after every cleaning
  2. Clean your brush of debris
  3. Periodically dust off your drop sensors
"Handvac" the filter to keep it functioning well
When emptying the dirt bin, we recommend that you tap the filter door on your garbage can to loosen and get rid of any debris on it. Many customers also tell us that they use a handvac to vacuum the filter after a few cleanings.
Do not pick up and move the robot to another room during a cleaning cycle
We recommend that you never pick up and move your robot mid-cleaning cycle unless it gets caught on something. If you pick the XV-11 up and move it to another room during a cleaning cycle, the robot will become confused and will not be able to finish its cleaning job. If you need to move it to clean another room for any reason, cancel the current cleaning job, move it to the room you want it to be cleaning, and press START to begin a new cleaning cycle.
Keeping the robot from getting stuck under a bed or couch
Sometimes bed mattresses or couches sag underneath in the center of the piece of furniture. If the robot gets in the area where it is sagging, the robot could get stuck or "blind" from the material covering its RPS. You can prep this area by butting a box in the center under your bed or couch, to keep it from sagging.
Keeping the robot out of an area
You can easily use the boundary markers to tell your robot to "keep out" of an area. The boundary markers are magnetic strips that should be laid flat on the floor. You can keep your robot from going through a doorway or away from a piece of furniture if you like. To make it easier, the boundary markers can be cut to the right length you need. More boundary markers are also available at www.neatorobotics.com/buy.html .
4. How it Works
How do I start my Neato vacuum?
Press the start button to begin cleaning your floors. If the LCD is not lit, press the START button once to wake up the Neato XV-11 and then one more time to start the robot cleaning.
Will the XV-11 clean more than one room?
Yes, the XV-11 will clean more than one room.
How long will the robot clean for? How large of an area will it clean?
Several factors affect how much area the robot can clean. First, the robot can clean more hard floor surface space than carpeted floors on one battery charge. Second, it also depends on how much furniture is in a room. On average, the robot can clean 3-4 rooms with hard floors and 2-3 rooms with carpeted floors.
What is suspended cleaning mode?
If you start the robot cleaning and it runs low on battery power, it will attempt to return to its charging base to recharge. When it is recharging, it is in Suspended Cleaning Mode. When your Neato XV-11 is charged up again, the robot will return to where it left off to finish cleaning. If the robot runs low on battery again during cleaning, it will one more time go back to its charging base, recharge, and then return to where it left off and finish cleaning. The XV-11 remembers all of the maps of the area it has cleaned and knows what it has left to clean, even while it is in suspended mode. So you can clean quite a large area!
Why does the vacuum turn off when returning to its base?
The robot turns off its cleaning system to save power for the drive back to its base.
What is Room Analyzer?
When the vacuum is started, the Neato XV-11 comes off of its base and starts exploring the room. When doing this, it determines where the doorways and other exits are and where the walls and furniture are located. The Neato XV-11 vacuum then determines the best cleaning path to use to clean the room.
What if I don't want my vacuum to clean a certain area? What are Boundary Markers?
If there is a room or area that is off limits to the Neato XV-11, the owner can lay down flat on the floor a boundary marker strip to block off the area. Once the Neato XV-11 recognizes the boundary marker, it will not go into the area.
What happens if there is a change to a room that has been mapped already, for example, if there is a new chair added or a person moves into the room?
If an object is removed or added to a room during the cleaning process (e.g. a person walks into or out of the room), the robot will see it as it continuously updates its map and will clean around it. However, do not decide to rearrange the furniture in a room while the Neato is cleaning it because it can become confused.
Will the XV-11 clean under all of my furniture?
The XV-11 is about 4" tall. The XV-11 can clean under any furniture higher than 4" tall.
What do I do if I want my upstairs cleaned?
If you usually keep your unit on your main floor, but you want to have it clean upstairs, just carry it to your 2nd floor and place on the floor and press START button. It will clean that floor for you and when complete will return to its starting point. You can also choose to buy a second base unit so you can automatically charge it upstairs or downstairs.
What do the different colors of the status light mean?
The status light is in the shape of an arc around the START button.
  • If the light is SOLID GREEN, the vacuum is fully charged and ready to clean.
  • If it is PULSING GREEN, it is partially charged, but can start a cleaning cycle at any time.
  • PULSING AMBER means that the robot is charging, but cannot start a new cleaning cycle until the light turns GREEN.
  • SOLID AMBER, please read the LCD to see what you can do to assist the vacuum so that it is ready to clean whenever you need it to. The vacuum cannot start a cleaning cycle when it is SOLID AMBER.
What is the LCD screen located on top of the vacuum used for?
The LCD is the interface you use to set the clock, schedule the vacuum to clean, learn about any issue your vacuum wants your help on, etc.
What is the best way to carry the vacuum?
There is a handle at the front of the robot near the orange tab on the top of the vacuum near the bumper. Grasping the handle with your fingers aimed towards the bumper, you can just lift up the vacuum and take it to any room you would like to clean, place it on the floor and press START.
How come my robot spins around sometimes?
This usually occurs due to readings the RPS receives off of highly reflective surfaces or sunlight. The robot usually spins around a couple of times and then goes off cleaning again. The robot should continue to clean just fine.
5. Batteries & Charging
How does the Neato vacuum charge? Is it capable of automatically going back to its charge station?
Yes. If the Neato XV-11 discovers the base while cleaning, it will return to base to charge when it is done cleaning or needs charging. If the vacuum does not pass the base while cleaning, the vacuum will return to where it originally started its cleaning effort.
What if the XV-11 runs out of battery during a cleaning run?
If the Neato XV-11 runs low on battery power while cleaning a room, it will return to base during the cleaning cycle, recharge for a minimum of 90 minutes, and then return to finish cleaning where it left off. It will make sure there is some overlap from where it left off ensuring full floor coverage.
What is the recommended charging time?
The robot takes two to three hours to fully charge. The XV-11 will display a solid green status light when it is fully charged. There are various factors which affect battery charging time:
  • How drained the battery is when it starts charging. If it has little charge, it will take closer to 3 hours. If it is charged halfway, it will take a shorter time to charge to full capacity.
  • The temperature in the room where it is charging. It will charge faster on a hard surface located in a cool dry area. On a hot day, charging on carpet, you should expect it to have a longer charging time. The XV-11 battery gauge adjusts to reflect the battery charge over time. Fresh out of the box, we have seen shorter run times (40+ minutes), and longer charge times.
Charging Time Chart (estimates)
Suspended Cleaning 90+ minutes
Charging between cleanings 2-3 hours
What if Neato can't find its charging station?
If the user starts the robot away from its base, it can use its RPS to find its base. If it cannot find its base, it will return to the spot where it started.
How long will the battery last?
The XV-11 will run for approximately 1-1-1/2 hours depending on the floor type it is being used on. It runs longer on hard floors and a little less on carpeted floors.
How does the vacuum dock on its charging base?
The vacuum finds its base and then centers itself in front of the base, turns itself around so that the rounded edge of the vacuum is nearest the base. The XV-11 then slowly backs up to the base until it reaches it and makes charging contact.
What if the vacuum accidentally comes off of the charging base?
The vacuum has a "snugging" feature where if it is accidentally knocked off of its charging base, it will try to regain charging contact with it. If the vacuum is moved further away from the charging base, it will assume you want to use it for cleaning and will not try to reconnect.
How Do I replace my batteries?
You can purchase a second set of batteries at www.neatorobotics.com. To replace the batteries, please follow these steps:
  1. Turn your vacuum upside down.
  2. Remove the screws from the two rectangular doors on the bottom of the robot next to the tires.
  3. Detach the connector from the batteries and remove them from the robot.
  4. Insert the new batteries making sure they fit down into the robot.
  5. Connect the connector on the batteries to the connectors on the robot.
  6. Screw the doors back on above the battery compartments.
  7. Let the robot charge until the status light turns green.
  8. Press the START button and the robot should turn on and be powered up.
6. Charging Base / Docking Issues
My robot won't dock on its charging base. What do I do?
The robot learns its base location and then returns to it when appropriate. If the robot does not know the base location, it can't return to base and will go back to where it started. However, we recommend that you place your base at least 3feet from the corner of the room and it must also have clear space 3feet in front of the base. This allows it to find the base, orient itself, and back up onto the base. In many cases, if you just try a new location, the docking will work fine. One other thing to check is to make sure that the charging base is not leaning forward (e.g. if placed on carpet, it might tilt forward). If you still have problems after trying a new location or two, please call Neato Customer Care.
I chose "Return to Base" from the menu and the robot won't dock—what is wrong?
If you choose the "Return to Base" option from the menus on the LCD screen, and the robot has found the base while cleaning, the robot should return to its base and dock. However, if the robot just came off of its base, and you choose this selection, it may not have recognized the base yet (it is too close to the base to recognize it). In this case, just press CANCEL to cancel the cleaning and place the robot on the base to charge.
I have 3 large open rooms connected to each other, is there a preference as to where to place the charging base?
We suggest you try placing it in a few different locations and see if you have a personal preference. The robot, no matter where you locate its base, should clean the entire area. There may be subtle differences in its performance from location to location, but it will end with the same result—all rooms cleaned.
My robot cleaned the room, but didn't attempt to go back to its base. It just ran until it ran out of power and lost the time and schedule. What should I do?
In this case the Neato had an error and stopped cleaning. Then the battery ran down and the Neato shut itself off. Please call Neato Customer Care for help with this.
My robot finds its base about 50% of the time. How can I make that better?
We recommend that you relocate your charging base to a more open, easily visible area. The likelihood that the robot finds its base decreases if you try to hide it and thus the robot can't see if while it is cleaning the room. Also, do not place it in an area with lots of direct sunlight.
Why does the robot's rear end back up against charging base sometimes?
In this case, the reason is usually that the robot has not made charging contact so it keeps on driving backwards. Try taking a dry cloth and wipe clean the charging contacts on the back of the robot as well as wipe clean the charging contacts on the charging base. Make sure the base is not tilted so both contacts on the Neato touch the power strips on the base. Try letting the robot clean a room and dock at the end to see if this has solved the problem.
7. Scheduling Your Neato
How do I schedule my Neato vacuum?
Through the easy to use LCD interface, you can schedule the Neato XV-11 to clean seven days a week. Follow these steps:
  1. Press the softkey beneath the LCD screen to select MENU
  2. Choose SCHEDULE
  3. Choose Set or Change
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts to either set a new day or change an existing scheduled time
How do I delete a scheduled cleaning time?
Use the LCD interface on your vacuum to delete a scheduled cleaning time. Follow these steps:
  1. Press the softkey beneath the LCD screen to select MENU
  2. Choose SCHEDULE
  3. Choose REMOVE DAY
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts to either set a new day or change an existing scheduled time
How do I set the clock on the Neato XV-11?
Use the LCD interface on your vacuum to set the clock on the vacuum. Follow these steps:
  1. Press the softkey beneath the LCD screen to select MENU
  2. Choose SET CLOCK
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts to set the time and day using the up and down arrows
My robot lost its clock and schedule. How can I fix this?
Your robot most likely has only lost its clock but not its schedule. .To preserve batteries, the robot enters SHUTDOWN mode at different times. For example, if you turn on your robot to clean an area and come home and the robot has stopped and turned itself off before returning to base, it is in SHUTDOWN mode. The robot is just fine. But in this case, you will need to reset your clock. Your schedule will still be saved and once you reset your clock the robot will clean according to your set schedule.

To try to solve the problem, stay home and watch the robot clean and see where it gets “stuck” or "confused" and read what the LCD message says (e.g. "Please clear my path" or "Please clear my brush", etc.). Fix the issue and then try the robot again in that room. For example, if it was getting stuck on cables in a room, tidy up the cables so that the robot won’t get stuck on them anymore. Then, the robot should be able to finish cleaning that room in the future without getting stuck.

8. Getting the Best Cleaning and Navigation Results
Can I move things in the room while the robot is cleaning the floors?
We recommend that you don't move objects while the robot is cleaning. If a person or animal walks in a room, or a bag is set down in the room, the robot should be able to recognize that and clean around it. However, if you start moving the furniture in a room in a significant way, the robot could become confused.
Why does the robot not recognize my doorways? It doesn't always complete one room before moving to the next (but eventually reaches all areas).
The Neato robot's "brain" constantly updates its map and attempts to learn where doorways are as it analyzes and cleans a room. In some cases, if it starts too close to a doorway, it doesn't have enough information to determine it is a doorway. In other cases, something may be obstructing its view of what it "sees" (i.e. its viewpoint is 4" off of the floor) and it is not determining it to be a doorway.
My robot doesn't seem to think the room is as large as it is and it is not fully cleaning it?
If you are experiencing this, we first recommend that you try starting your robot from a different point in the room. Watch and see if it covers the full room. In most cases, this should solve the problem. If you continue to experience this, please call Neato Customer Care.
Sometimes my robot comes off of its base, thinks it has finished cleaning and returns to base. It hasn't cleaned yet. What should I do?
In this case, carry your robot to another room, close the door, press START and see if the robot will clean your room. If so, return your robot to its base, and while on its base, press START. See if it will come off of its base to clean the room. If it won't do these 2 things, please call Neato Customer Care so we can assist you further.
My robot crossed the Boundary Markers? What should I do?
The Boundary Markers need to be laid flat on the floor. Sometimes, customers have placed them leaning up against something. But, they need to be flat on the floor. Try the robot again and see if it recognizes the boundary markers by not crossing them. If your robot still crosses over the boundary markers, please call Neato Customer Care at 1-877-29-NEATO.
My robot is behaving erratically and will not clean a full room. What should I do?
First, please try cleaning an enclosed room by carrying your robot to another room, close the door, press START and see if the robot will clean your room. If so, return your robot to its base, and while on its base, press START. See if it will come off of its base to clean the room. If it won't do these 2 things, please call Neato Customer Care so we can assist you further.
When the robot begins cleaning the floor, it will only go about 8-10 feet in a straight line and then turn around even though it has only gone half way across the open floor. Why?
The robot cleans a room in segments. It may decide to break the room into smaller segments based on what furniture is in the room and what it can see at its viewing point. There is no guarantee it will complete a room with one single segment. It will usually break it down into smaller map segments of 15'x15' or less.
Sometimes my robot spins in circles, is there something wrong?
Sometimes when traveling in direct sunlight or in close proximity to reflective surfaces, the robot can get false information and spin in circles. In normal circumstances, the XV-11 can quickly recover and continue cleaning. If this continues for more than 2 minutes, please call Neato Customer Care.
My robot shakes from left to right sometimes—is something wrong?
Sometimes the bumper can get stuck on the Neato XV-11. If during a cleaning cycle, pause the cleaning, press the bumper on all sides to make sure it is moving freely. This should eliminate the bumper sticking.
My robot fell down a stair. What should I do?
First we recommend that you clean your drop sensors. These sensors are located on the bottom of your robot. See the callouts on the illustration below. Take a Q-tip and wipe any dust/dirt off of the windows of the drop sensors. Start your robot again and see if it avoids the stairs. If it does not, please call Neato Customer Care. We recommend cleaning the windows periodically to ensure they are clean. The frequency varies by household depending on the dirt/debris and traffic that goes through the house. For example, households with pets may want to clean them every month.
At first the robot detected and honored the Boundary Marker I placed on the ground. But recently, it has run into it and pushed it around, and driven over it. The robot seems confused. What can I do?
This is a known issue. You can affix the strip to the floor using tape to prevent the robot from pushing it around.
The XV-11 doesn't clean my whole room before moving on to the next. Is there anything I can do?
The robot "sees" the room and discovers different aspects of the room as it cleans. Depending on what changes in the room each time it cleans, it may not always recognize the room boundaries each and every time you use it. Each time it cleans, however, it tries to determine the boundaries of the room. It may not always be successful. However, the robot should always come back and finish the room's cleaning if it doesn't get it the first time it is near it. It keeps track of what it has cleaned and what it still needs to clean. It will go back and clean an area it missed until it cleans all areas it determines it can reach. One thing you may try is to locate the base as far from the doorway as possible. This will increase the likelihood that it will recognize the doorway during its cleaning effort.
The robot does not always use the same path when cleaning my floors. What's wrong?
The robot starts with a new "map" of the room each time it starts cleaning. It makes decisions based on what it sees and therefore it may select a different path each time you use the robot to clean the floors.
My Neato got stuck several times in dead-ends just barely wide enough to enter, but not wide enough to turn around in, such as chair legs, etc. Sometimes it likes to return and get stuck again during the same run even if I barely nudge it free. Is there anything I can do?
This is a known issue and Neato is working to optimize it.
My robot tried to go under a couch, but got stuck on its RPS turret, but eventually gave up and freed itself. Is this normal?
Yes, this can definitely happen and it takes about 4 seconds for the robot to realize that it is caught and then gets itself "unstuck".
Why does my Neato bump into walls and objects, I thought it didn't bump into anything?
The Neato XV-11 is designed to operate by seeing objects and walls and avoiding bumping into them. In some cases, depending on light in a room, material and/or color of object, etc., the robot may bump into an object. However, this is minimal compared to first generation robots which bump as part of how they navigate.
9. Maintenance and LCD Messages
LCD Messages and what they mean
"RPS Error"
If the Neato XV-1's LCD screen displays an ‘RPS ERROR’ message, use the SELECT key to reset the robot. After resetting the robot, wait 5 seconds, then press the START button. If the robot successfully reset, it will resume cleaning again. If the RPS error message repeats, go to the robot’s SUPPORT menu and select SHUTDOWN. After shutdown, wait 10 seconds, then start the cleaning process over again by pressing START.

If the RPS error message persists, please call Neato Customer Care at

"Unable to Navigate"
There are some known triggers for the "Unable to navigate" message. The most frequent one that triggers it is if you pick up your robot during a cleaning cycle (even if it is paused) and move it to another room (or move it more than 2' from where you picked it up) or area. If you do this, the robot gets confused and cannot make sense of its cleaning map. You will need to restart the cleaning cycle and let the XV-11 run until it finishes cleaning. If you want to move your robot to another area, you need to CANCEL the cleaning first. Then move it and press START.

Other items that can present the "Unable to Navigate" message are:

  1. Robot is tilted – If the robot becomes tilted by going up on a very high threshold or going up and over cables, etc., it can become disoriented. Usually it can recover on its own. If not, press the OK softkey below the LCD screen and the robot should continue cleaning..
  2. Tangled in cords – if you have lots of cords in your office or in a specific area and the robot gets caught on them, its wheels can slip and can present you with the "unable to Navigate" message. The robot knows it is not moving like it should and therefore stops. If you can move the robot off of the cables but keep it within 2 feet of where it stopped, press the OK softkey below the LCD screen, the robot should continue its cleaning. We recommend you tidy up your cables and if you can get them off of the ground, that will result in an even better clean. Otherwise, you might want to leave a piece of the Boundary Markers in front of your cables to keep the robot away from them..
  3. If robot is under a bed or piece of furniture and the material sags down, it can potentially cover up the RPS "eye" of the robot. Please make sure this is not the case. Some customers have placed a box under the middle of their bed to keep the material from sagging.
  4. If the robot is placed in a wide-open area with little furniture, it can become disoriented. We recommend you take your robot to an enclosed room with furniture, press START, and see if will clean. If it does, you may need to move some items around in the larger room with little furniture so that it has landmarks to help it keep track of its map.
"Cleaning Suspended While Charging"
This message means that the robot is in Suspended Cleaning mode. This is not an error. The robot has cleaned the areas it can reach on one battery cycle, but its battery power has gotten to a low "recharge" point. The robot knows that it needs to get back to its base to recharge. During this time, the robot keeps its cleaning maps in its memory, so when there is enough power it returns to finish where it left off. It can recharge 2 times during a cleaning cycle.
"I powered off. Please start me again"
The robot got confused and powered itself off. The cleaning cycle has ended and you need to restart the robot to start a new cleaning cycle.
"My Brush is Stuck"
  1. Turn your vacuum upside down.
  2. Press on the two brush guard releases to remove the brush guard.
  3. Gently remove the brush.
  4. Remove any debris from the brush.
  5. You can wipe the brush blades and brush core with a slightly damp cloth to remove dust from it.
  6. Re-insert the brush into the vacuum, being careful to first insert the end of the brush with brush gears into the brush drive belt.
  7. Put the brush guard back onto the vacuum and click it in to lock the brush guard releases in place.
"Trying to recover my location"
If the robot does not recover its location, the cleaning cycle will be over. You should try using the robot in an enclosed room to see if it will clean the room and find its base. If it does, then you know it works as designed. Then you might want to watch it clean an area and see if the robot tilts up too high in certain areas (like going over a threshold or if its gets stuck in cables and high-sided while it gets off of the cables) or if its wheels slip a lot. If so, the robot may be get confused. You'll want to "robot proof" your room so that it doesn't get stuck in one area for too long.
"Please empty my dirtbin"
Remove the dirt bin, and reinsert it to see if the error goes away. If it does not, to clear the error message, press and hold the START button for 3 seconds. This puts the robot in sleep mode. Press the start button again to wake it up. The error message should be cleared. You can also try to press the dirt bin switch all the way down and release it, then reinsert the dirt bin. Check to see if the error message is cleared.
How do you clean Neato?
You can use a damp cloth to wipe the vacuum surface if it gets dirty. Do not submerge in water, .
How do you empty the dirt out of the Neato XV-11?
You have easy access to the dirt bin. Follow these steps:
  1. Remove the dirt bin from the top of the vacuum
  2. Remove the filter door from the dirt bin
  3. Empty the debris into a garbage can
  4. Put the filter into the filter door and place it onto the dirt bin
  5. Replace the dirt bin into the top of the vacuum.
We recommend that you empty your dirt bin after each cleaning cycle.
Can the filter be washed?
Yes, the filter can be washed. You can just run water over it to clean it. However, it will lose its electrostatic properties which helps the filter to attract dust particles as a magnet would attract magnetic particles. Some people also use a hand vac to clean the filter instead of washing it. We also recommend a "sticky roller" to gently clean the filter.
How do I clean the drop sensors?
The drop sensors detect precipices like stairs and ledges so that the robot will avoid that area. If you need to clean the drop sensors, follow these steps:
  • Turn your vacuum upside down.
  • Use a Q-tip and insert it into the drop sensor window area.
  • Lightly clean the surface with the Q-tip.
  • You can also use a can of pressurized air to clean them by blowing the dust off.
What's the difference between "Squeegees" and "Brush Blades"?
You can purchase Squeegee Replacements from our online store. Some people get them confused with Brush Blades. Here's where the two different items go as shown in the photo below. Sqeegees

This is what they look like:

Squeegees:   Brush Blades (they have ½ circle notches in them & are taller):
The squeegee helps create a seal with hard wood floors so that the brush blades and suction can pick up the debris.   Brush blades help pick up debris and get it into the dirt bin with the assistance of the strong blower in the vacuum.
How do I clean my brush?
We recommend that you clean this area as frequently as necessary. Because there is a strong vacuum in the XV-11, most hair debris will be captured in the dirt bin instead of being tangled on the brush. However, if you have any build up, just remove the hair with your hands and put it in the garbage can. If you need to remove the brush from the vacuum, follow these steps:
  1. Turn your vacuum upside down.
  2. Press on the two brush guard releases to remove the brush guard.
  3. Gently remove the brush.
  4. Remove any debris from the brush.
  5. You can wipe the brush blades and brush core with a slightly damp cloth to remove dust from it.
  6. Re-insert the brush into the vacuum, being careful to first insert the brush gears on the end of the brush into the brush drive belt.
  7. Put the brush guard back onto the vacuum and click it in to lock the brush guard releases in place.
10. Other Topics
I don't like the lights to stay on when the robot is charging in my room—can I turn them off?
Yes, you can press and hold the START button for 2-3 seconds. The lights will automatically go off. When the robot begins cleaning again, the lights will automatically turn back on.
My robot makes a screeching sound sometimes. What does this mean?
This screeching sound can occur when hair wraps around the brush bearing.
Here are direction how to clear the hair buildup on the brush bearing.
My robot bounces/vibrates while traveling across my hard floor. What does this mean?
Please contact Neato Customer Care to get your squeegee replacement.
My Clock reset to 0:00. What happened?
The clock resets to 0:00 any time there is a power cycle, or the robot goes in to shut down mode due to extremely low battery. If this occurs, you just need to use the Set Clock function in the menu system on your LCD. Your scheduled cleanings should still be available.

Neato XV-11
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